offer the most honest and fair services in a timely fashion


Conyers Import and Domestic Auto Repairs offer the most honest and fair services in a timely fashion. Our customers can vouch for it...

  • ​​​​​​​​​One word best describes Conyers Imports: honesty.
    My wife and I have been taking our family's vehicles (a Corolla, 4Runner, Odyssey) here for more than 15 years. The guys in the shop are experts--they have seen it all. Also, they enjoy working on cars and like figuring out what's wrong with a vehicle.  And above all, as I said, they're honest. They keep you updated on the work they are doing and they don't try to sell you a bunch of garbage you don't need.  Best of the best.
    ​-Jeffrey R. via Yelp
    ​November 26, 2014
  • I always trust Curt to do a good job.
    Samantha A, Google Local Guide
  • If you need work done on your vehicle, take it here. Great work, great prices.
    ​-Daniel Crumbley, Google Local Guide
  • Love this mechanic
    Nat Austin, Google Local Guide
  • ​Lee has got to be the most honest mechanic I have ever known. My entire family takes all our vehicles to him for any repairs or car advice. I highly recommend this shop to anyone who needs a repair or advice.
    Flint Withers, Google Local Guide
  • ​Lee is the only guy in the Area who will work on my 91 Saturn SL. He knows what he is talking about, he is never unfair. and like the posts under me say: I wont take my car to anyone but him, and now my girlfriend is the exact same way. What a guy! What a shop!
    Dusty Dionne, Google Review
  • ​Lee is honest! He's even told me that certain work was not required and did not charge me labor to discover that. I'm an engineer and picky about who works on my automobiles. I trust Lee. Matter of fact, I'm taking a vehicle to him today. Use him.
    Michael Miller, Google Local Guide
  • ​I've trusted Lee and his crew at Conyers Imports for the last 10 years. I've taken 3 different Toyotas to them and they've always been helpful, honest and up front. They were so confident in their work that they bought one of my family's Toyota Camry's with over 230,000 miles on it. What does that say about trusting their own work?
    A Google User
  • I've been taking my cars there for 22 years, and they've always fixed the problem and have treated me fairly. I consider them friends.
    May 5, 2009
  • Absolutely the best out there, no question.
    Conyers Imports (they've added Domestics as well) has taken care of vehicles for both my husband and myself for several years, and I am so pleased with their service.  The quality of service is top-notch and their rates are very reasonable.  More than anything, though, I am impressed by their straightforward approach.  Everything is always explained thoroughly, and if an unexpected issue arises, they always call and let me know and see what I would like to do.  They are also up front about what DOESN'T need to be done.  They have more than earned my trust and I will be a customer for as long as I am in the area.
    Stephanie R. via Yelp
    ​December 8, 2008
  • Honest and Dependable 
    Was nervous about using them the first time a few years ago since I just picked them out of the phone book, but they've never let me down. When I've had problems with my 2 Toyotas, they've always helped me out. On one occasion, they didn't charge me for service when it turned out to be something minor. Have never felt pressured to have extra work done. Gives me different options to work with (i.e., new or rebuilt parts, Toyota or other brands).
    May 30, 2008
  • ​No monkey business here!
    No monkey business from the guys at Conyers Imports. They really know their stuff and their prices aren't half bad either. Always on time too!
    May 3, 2007
  • Fast service
    These guys are people I trust. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else in metro Atlanta. They repair all of my family's imports in a professional, timely manner, always!!
    Oct. 16, 2006